Saturday, December 17, 2011

Greenway Artist's Response to Occupy Boston (II)

For those in Boston who stand up for us all:

I address this letter to Sarah and those in America who stand up for us all,  I view you in the metaphoric sense as the Voice of the American Dream.

I start by asking the question, who among us is of our times? I mean, who among us takes "point in history", who fights for the very changes in a governing system that alters the "thought patterns of a society"? Who gives us the New, a new direction as a people?--A new direction that will take us to a new way of thinking about ourselves and how we function, thinking that gives rise to a new tomorrow. History has recorded that it is the young of the world that ultimately lay claim to the horizon.  Sometimes they don't even know that they have their ears to the ground, listening to the rumbles of a thunderous coming.

As a person who has seven daughters, I say, they are all in this with you. They are all in every way the daughters of America, like hundreds of thousands of daughters that have led the way to a better future.  Do we arrest our own for their willingness to step up and be counted.  Do we strip them of their voice. Or do we listen to them and ask them of their thinking. If we ask 'why' of our children in Boston, what will they tell us? They would certainly not say  they are pleased about the sea of humanity that has had their very Being scraped down yet one more layer, or that they think it is OK to be asked to just "eat cake". In an old patriarchal system we would simply cane them. We would make them shush-up and not speak until spoken to.

The rise and fall of systems of order is as old human history, we all strive for a better way.  Surely Boston is peopled with the dreamers of a better system than now exist. Surely with examination, we can see a divide across our land and even around our planet. Can we not see that their's is a desire for justice? Justice: a very important concept in the American dream--Is it not now out of balance? Who among us would ask for less than "equality and justice" in opportunity. In my heart I feel that Boston would also seek Justice in the American system, which as an issue, is as old as America itself.

Maybe it is now, today that we look deeper into the cause of our system being out of balance. Maybe it is better to not arrest those among us who are willing to stand up for us all, maybe it is better not to send in the Boston Police Department, maybe it is better not to try to destroy their mind sets, maybe it would be wise to take them a cup of water and a piece of bread and ask them to explain their thinking. Maybe it is better to have a conversation with them.

Does Boston grow stiff and forget its very beginning?  We should all breathe deep the air of what has made us as a people "proud to be" what we are and what we represent.  Again I say, our history has shown its strength through those who would dare to ask, "when is enough, enough?" I would also say that I am proud to have my sculpture in the Greenway. Art has historically represented a new way to look and listen and to see and hear. 

I ask all America to know and understand that a social shift of seismic proportions is sweeping our land. We as a people do not have to destroy ourselves, we simply have to "Bring Back Balance". We do indeed have to adjust our system or it will cease to function.  I would say to all, show respect for where you are, but don't give up and don't give in, and keep the Justice that is America alive.  It is not only for, or in Boston, it is all across our country--It is all across the world. Now, I converse with Henry David Thoreau and Thomas Moore; We speak of care and spirit,  of "Care of the Soul" and sip tea and wonder of the future.

My love to all.

James Surls (October 15, 2011), Walking Flower Times the Power of Five, 2010 

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